In 2012 we challenged you to write 12 letters of Gratitude to people that influenced your life. Many of you did this and wrote amazing stories of the experience.
This year 2013 we are focusing on BEING PRESENT. This is your life. Each day is a gift. You can't turn in yesterday for more time. So make the most of each day and continue to be grateful and embrace life! Be Present! We are changing the world...ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today...Seize it!

Carpe Diem...Seize the day!

I have been thinking a lot about time.  Especially in the last 4 years after losing both of my parents.  We are each given a certain amount of time on this earth.  We can't buy time back.  We can't retrieve, or relive the past.  The only tangible thing we have is the moment.  So seize the moments.  Embrace the possibilities of now.  Stop worrying so much about the future (preparing is good, but worry just causes stress)...and live today.  LIVE IT!  Do something you love, call someone you miss.  Sew something, grow something.  Cook something, do something.  We have today!  It is ours.  Own it!  Tomorrow it will be gone and there is no getting it back.  You can't change the future either.  So the best we can do is to embrace the present.  My daughter loves to say:  The past is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift...that is why we call it the Present.

So give yourself the gift of today...Live in the present.  And don't delay the kind acts, words, letters for tomorrow.  We do not know how many tomorrows we will have.  But we have today, and we can, we should make the most of it!  So Carpe Diem...Seize TODAY!

Changing the world...ONE letter at a time!


  1. Love this! A great reminder. Red has started saying that too!!

  2. I really enjoyed this and do believe that we must seize the day... Sometimes my body only allows me to seize the hour or the moment but I will seize it no matter what the time frame. Thanks for your inspiration!