In 2012 we challenged you to write 12 letters of Gratitude to people that influenced your life. Many of you did this and wrote amazing stories of the experience.
This year 2013 we are focusing on BEING PRESENT. This is your life. Each day is a gift. You can't turn in yesterday for more time. So make the most of each day and continue to be grateful and embrace life! Be Present! We are changing the world...ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pandora's Box...

If I were going to name something... I wouldn't name it pandora.  Maybe it is my Shakespeare Mythology class that ruined the name for me.  So I confess that I have stayed clear of Pandora.  I knew it was some site where you could listen to music, but that was all I knew.  Then today came... and it was a long day.  Some of the kids are fighting the colds that come with this season and the rest of them were just 'fighting' with each other.  I needed a retreat.  I felt like MUSIC.  It is one of those things that soothes me.

So I figured out Pandora, set up a free account and installed it on my DVD player.  I have music throughout the living room now.  I am loving it.  Sometimes discovering something new can be just the boost we need.   My challenge...try something new, discover something that will brighten your world...then share it.

Just listened to "Make you feel my love..."
I was raised by parents that loved us so much.  I wish I could help the world feel that love.  Life and the world would be so much better if it was filled with the love my parents taught us to share.

Changing the world...ONE letter at a time!


  1. Ooo...I think I have that option on our new blueray...I am so installing that tomorrow!!! Does that count for my new thing?

  2. I had no idea you could stream Pandora thru the DVD player. Thanks for sharing that. Sorry to hear that some of the kids are sick. I have been battling it as well. Every day a new symptom seems to pop up. Sending you love and feel better hugs to the kids. XOXO