In 2012 we challenged you to write 12 letters of Gratitude to people that influenced your life. Many of you did this and wrote amazing stories of the experience.
This year 2013 we are focusing on BEING PRESENT. This is your life. Each day is a gift. You can't turn in yesterday for more time. So make the most of each day and continue to be grateful and embrace life! Be Present! We are changing the world...ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today was a day filled with Joy.  We had the chance to go visit our dear E.N. (she and my children have adopted each other...I don't think there is another grandma that spoils more than she does...We are so blessed with the extra portion of love God has granted to us with her in our lives.)

We laughed, talked, shared, remembered, laughed and talked some more.  The children were all granted little treasures that she shared with them.  This included early Easter treats because our visits usually have several weeks in between them.  I am so grateful for her and the way that she loves and accepts us so freely.  I know my parents look down with smiles and tears of gratitude for how well loved and cared for I am by so many...and I am grateful to count E.N. as mine and one of my many blessings in this life is her love, joy, friendship, and kindness to me, my darling husband and my (mostly) sweet children.  I hope we bring half the joy to her that she brings all of us.  Usually our trips to her house also include a trip to E.P.'s house and my kids went into shell shock not getting to go there today. (With gas these days we try to visit in blocks and get as many of our dear ones in at a time as we can).  They made me promise that I would take them soon to see E.P.

After our lovely visit we headed home.  We stopped at the cemetary that grandma and grandpa are buried (it is our little schedule that we like to #2 and I do much better if we keep to our schedule.  I might have a tinge of OCD...if you know me well you are laughing).

The children and I sang some songs to them as we always do.  Then on the way home I grabbed several bags of oranges and grapefruit at a local fruit stand.  Daddy was home today and we all had a yummy dinner that he made.  So grateful to be married to an excellent cook.  Nothing earth shaking or out of the ordinary today...and yet it was a fabulous and extraordinary day...because it was spent with people I love!  I am so blessed.  I am so grateful.

Changing the world...ONE letter at a time!

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