In 2012 we challenged you to write 12 letters of Gratitude to people that influenced your life. Many of you did this and wrote amazing stories of the experience.
This year 2013 we are focusing on BEING PRESENT. This is your life. Each day is a gift. You can't turn in yesterday for more time. So make the most of each day and continue to be grateful and embrace life! Be Present! We are changing the world...ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Fancy Breakfast Please...

1st things first...for those that read my blog (and I know that is a small few...but to me a very important few), thank you for being patient.  I have been on a hiatus.  I still owe you some "gratitude days" for April...which I may or may not get to.  I have been in a bit of a funk the past couple weeks.  But would be ungrateful not to post on Mother's Day.  I am so blessed in that category of my life.

Yesterday when my sweetheart was planning out my Mother's Day dinner (in the last 13 years he has become quite the chef...Yeah me!!!), he said, what about Breakfast?...Do you want a fancy breakfast?  Immediately I responded, No thanks, cereal and oatmeal will be fine.  Just help me get the children ready for church.  He readily agreed to do so.  

What I forgot is that my husband's fun job (LOL for those who know him) has brought him into work for the past 4 Mother's Day mornings.  Yep, fun stuff!  The second year it happened my daughter said to him when he got up... Daddy, mommy made you breakfast in bed on Mother's Day and let you sleep.  Maybe you could do that for her on Father's Day.  I secretly, no not so much , I openly laughed outloud.  When I heard something beeping this morning I said, What time is it?  It's 6:15am.  Don't get up, I really don't want breakfast...  Honey, he replied, it's a call out, I have to get up...and there he went.  I am not mad at him.  He provides the breakfast, lunch and dinner on our table.  He works really hard and he is such a good husband, father and my best friend.  But I confess I was a little bummed.  Hopefully his call is quick and my dinner comes off flawless.  I can't wait.

I am thankful for the Mother's of my life.  First I am thankful for my angel Mother.  I miss her so much. She gave me life (I don't mean my body, though she helped God bring it here) I mean she gave me life...laughter, memories, birthday parties, help with homework, reading tutorials, stories, cooking and cleaning lessons, lessons in love, lessons in forgiveness, lessons in grieving and loss, lessons about families being together forever.  She was the giver of life, she worked hand in hand with God to strengthen me til the day she died.  I miss her terribly.

I am thankful for the many women, many mothers that God has placed in my life at key times to strengthen and bless me.  Especially with the loss of my mom he blessed me with Moms/Grandmas for myself and my children.  This small group of women know whom they are and they bless our lives and our world with their unconditional love, hugs and support!  Thank you to my borrowed moms.  I cherish the gift they are in my life.

To my friends that aren't only moms, but have mothered sisters (after mom, and then dad's passing), my dear TFF for giving me the mothering advice I lack at times now, for giving me the encouragement, the pep talks, and for believing in me.

I believe regardless of women we can all be moms.  We can all cultivate joy, love and learning in others.  That is the true spirit of motherhood.  To each of the women that have mothered me throughout my life, to the congregation of women I grew up with that helped my mother raise me (some say it takes a village, for me it took a congregation)  Thank you!  I know I turned out ok because of you...all of you!  Wildomar Congregation was magic that way!!!

So I sit this morning waiting for my sweetheart to return...In the mean time I wanted to share the Mother's Day Essay I wrote for a contest on one of my favorite blogs.  It didn't win, but I did...writing it was a blessing to me!

True motherhood comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and labels:  we hear...real, adoptive, biological, single, birth, step, foster, and even "second" mom.  But none of these labels MAKES a woman a mother.  And I am going out on a limb here, but I don't even believe that children MAKE a woman a mother.  And I have seen childless mothers that nuture everyone around them enough to know...that being a woman with children is possible and being a mother without children is possible.  Today, I honor all the mothering, loving, giving women of the world.  True mothering comes from a string of choices and sacrifices all woven together in love.  She tackles the difficult and the seemingly impossible.  She loves the wayward child, no matter how hateful the words are that escape their mouth.

A true mom sees beyond the smoke screens and mirrors of both the actions and the body of children.  Whether they are beautiful by the "world's standards" or deal with deformities that would make some judge them or turn away...She truly looks on them with eyes that see God's beautiful handiwork.  How?  Because she sees the heart, she sees the potential and the abilities of children.  She knows them so well that one look in the eyes of the children she loves can speak volumes to her.  The eyes can't lie.

She teaches children that real beauty comes from goodness.  The better they choose to be, the kinder, the gentler...the more beautiful they will become.  Her greatest desire is to elevate the children in her life to attain their full potential in this life and beyond.  When she looks upon the children God has blessed her to influence and love, she sees endless potential to change the world.

During the six o'clock news you can find her weeping at the tragic loss of another woman's child.  Not because it could have been the children she loves, but because she genuinely is filled with sympathy and love for that dear mother.

True mothering comes not with a bucket of love, but a well of love that taps into an endless reservoir.  She may lose her temper, even yell or lose control at times.  However, the earnest endeavor of her heart is to be more patient, and have peace in her life.  Often she is very judgmental...but the person she judges over and over is herself.  She sees her imperfections under a microscrope and always believes she could do better.  Although, ironically she is brilliant at using the same scientific tool to magnify the strengths of others.

Her heart, arms and home are open.  Whether she occupies a palace or a hut...whether her feast looks like Thanksgiving, or is meager at most...she would give it all for the ones she loves.  Why, because she is motivated by love.  Her greatest desire is the happiness of those that she loves and serves and she receives great joy and fulfillment in nurturing them.  IF she is wise, she takes time to fill her own bucket as well, for this is how her reservoir remains plentiful.  But it might take her some time, even feelings of selfishness to realize that she can not always put herself last.  My mother used to say, "An empty bucket bares no water."  This is motherhood to me.  I am grateful I was raised by a truly loving mother, and I am grateful for the many mothers of my life.


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