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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today I watched a video that a father loaded on the internet after finding out his daughter posted a horrible status update about how mistreated she was because she had to do chores and help around the house without getting paid.  I was so glad to hear about a dad who stood up to this.  Although I don't entirely agree with his methods, she ranted and raved and cussed about her horrible life.  Mind you she was required to clean her own room, do her own laundry, and clean the dishes and counter tops (they HAVE a dishwasher too).  Yep, that's it.  When he found the post on her facebook wall (which she thought he would never be able to read since she had 'blocked' him...he is an I.T.Tech...silly girl!) he did what he promised he would do if she ever pulled a teenage stunt like this again...He put 8 bullets in her laptop.  Harsh and extreme...probably not my style.  But the need for discipline and serious consequences after her stunt, I totally agree with.

This was my response to the video when I posted the link earlier today:

I applaud every youth who saw the wisdom in this father standing up for himself and his family. I don't know that putting a bullet in anything was the answer. I don't believe that it teaches the use of guns in a safe and appropriate way. I do however believe that he needed to follow through and take her computer away, and that happened. I didn't have a computer of my own until I was married. After over a decade of being married I don't have an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or many other modern conveniences. I did get a typewriter when I was growing up that I did my school reports on. I got that typewriter as my graduation present from high school to type college reports on. That is right, my parents didn't send me to Hawaii, Mexico, or Europe for graduation. They gave me a typewriter and encouraged me to work hard. They LET me continue to live at home for free in college as long as my grades were good, fed me, helped me and loved me. I worked from the time I was about 14 cleaning houses and babysitting for extra money. I bought most of my own clothes after age 16 and had a job all through college to help pay for things. They did lots of things for me too. But I can only imagine the windfall that would have occurred if I had pulled a stunt like this young lady did. The grounding and lack of privileges would have never ended. 

I have never seen it argued effectively to defend what children are given these days. Respect is earned. And parents can not earn it by handing over every technology and not parenting. I have been sitting here thinking what a better punishment would have been. As an I.T. Tech maybe he could have locked down her computer indefinitely and made her work to 'pay' for it in order to get it back someday. 

I applaud his courage to stand against the world's critisism and discipline his daughter. You may not agree with how he did it, but we need more parents like him that take a stand. And really, it is not your job if you are a parent to agree with him, it is your job to discipline your own child in the way you determine is affective. And to anyone feeling sorry for this girl...he bought the laptop, he upgraded the laptop, he is the parent and the laptop...really it is his. Responsible people have more freedom (as my mom always said!) My favorite parent/teen TV talk ever was on 7th heaven. The mother talked to the oldest son about the differenct between Rights and Privileges. She said, you have a right to a roof over your head, clothes to wear, and food to eat. Extra things are just that EXTRA...those are privileges and a parent has the RIGHT to take them away. If my children decide to ever run away they are free to try out the world. But I can almost count on the fact that they will be back quickly. Because they will only be leaving with the shoes and socks on their feet and the clothes on their backs and whatever money is in their piggy banks. Everything else my husband and I provided for them!

I am thankful for my parents.  They taught me the value of working for what I have.  They taught me that money doesn't grow on trees, coupons reduce your grocery bill, and hand me downs still work as clothing.  I love that they were frugal but still we had so much fun.  I am thankful for the life lessons they taught me.  I would never have dreamed of dissing them to my friends as this girl did.  And if I had I don't know when I would have been off restriction...maybe when I got married.

The world needs more parents who stand up to and STOP disrespectful children...Yeah, Woo Hoo!!! To all the parents who actually ACT like parents instead of 'friends'.

Changing the world...ONE letter at a time!!!

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  1. I saw that same video a few days ago. I too was glad to see a parent taking some action against the "entitlement" today's kids seem to expect. I could not believe the things his daughter had said in her "letter". I don't think my kids would ever try anything like that. I have taught them that you have to earn the "extras". Thank you for your post today, it's good to know other parents feel the way I do.