In 2012 we challenged you to write 12 letters of Gratitude to people that influenced your life. Many of you did this and wrote amazing stories of the experience.
This year 2013 we are focusing on BEING PRESENT. This is your life. Each day is a gift. You can't turn in yesterday for more time. So make the most of each day and continue to be grateful and embrace life! Be Present! We are changing the world...ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Do you have one of those schedules where you look forward to Friday and the weekend?  I love my weekends, but with five little children days really seem to run together at times.  This week seemed like one big MONDAY!  But there was a light at the end of my tunnel.  My "Ethel" one of my T.F.F.'s moved out of state a couple years ago (THAT is NOT the light...).  I would miss her like crazy and we would chat sometimes, but never enough for me.  So this past year I started scheduling my calls with her.  I would write or she would write and we would find a day that was 'pretty free'.  A movie went in for the children and we would chat.  Sometimes we would even schedule the talks for after bedtime.  I am so grateful for those talks.  We talk about raising children, share ideas, swap recipes, tell each other inspirational stories and spill our guts and dreams to each other.  She is a rock of support and encouragement.  So I woke up grateful to know...TODAY was my call to Ethel.

When I was a child my mom had an "Ethel" in her life.  Her "Ethel" also had a little girl about my age.  We would play and mom and "Ethel" would talk, literally for HOURS!  I never minded because I was enjoying my long playdate.  That was a slower time.  People met face to face, shared ideas, stories and divided heartaches together.  It was a simpler time.  They say we have progressed as a society.  But there really are times I wonder... and wonder...and wonder...

Today Ethel and I talked for over 3 hours.  Some might think that was frivilous, or a waste of time.  Others might wonder what one could find to talk about for three hours straight.  But we could have honestly talked for 3 more hours.  I just had to go some place this afternoon.  Honestly, I didn't want to, I would have loved to stay and keep talking to Ethel all night.  There are few things we can take with us when we die.  Our soul, our relationships (be they good or bad), our memories, our intelligence... not a whole lot more.  I am so grateful for the time Ethel and I invested in each other today.  It was PRICELESS!

My challenge to you...go invest some time in a REAL person, not a interface, etc...a real person, either on the phone or face to face...

Changing the world...ONE letter at a time!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I need an "Ethel" in my life. I have been trying more and more to focus on creating friendships that will last. I think we've learned (or been taught) that life is too hectic and we just don't make time for friendships any more and I for one miss it.

  2. Great post...I have an "Ethel" in my life and I am so grateful for her friendship and support in some of my lowest and happiest times!!